Revolting moment live shellfish slither out of their shells and wave around on a diner’s plate


Diners screamed in shock as two live shellfish crawled out of their shells and onto a plate in a restaurant in Japan. 

The unsettling footage was filmed at a seafood restaurant in Maizuru City in south-central Japan. 

It was filmed by Hidefumi Nagai, who had ordered seafood near the city’s train station. 

Mr Nagai is the CEO of Kyoto-based design company Marble and was on a trip to the city when he visited the restaurant. 

He uploaded the video to his company’s Twitter account on May 22, where it has since been viewed more than nine million times.

It is unclear why the shellfish moved around so violently, but some people claimed that they were clams left alive on display. 

They would then be cooked before being consumed.  

It starts off innocuously with Mr Nagai filming what look like three clams on his plate. 

However, after a couple of seconds, two shells open up to reveal the slithery creatures. 

They crawl onto the plate and start flopping around, to the horror of customers in the restaurant. 

The shellfish move around so fiercely that the shells flip over, but the third remains still and unopened.    


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