Samsung says it will announce a launch date for the beleaguered Galaxy Fold in the ‘coming weeks’


More than one month after it was postponed, Samsung may finally be ready to launch its folding phone. 

The Korean tech giant expects to announce a launch date for the beleaguered Galaxy Fold in the ‘coming weeks,’ according to CNET.  

Samsung was forced to delay the $1,980 device’s debut in April after users reported issues with the Fold’s display following just a few days of use. 


‘We will announce timing in the coming weeks,’ a spokesperson for Samsung told CNET. 

The company stopped short of announcing a specific launch date or many details about whether or not the device will differ from the version it first announced. 

It means that prospective buyers will have to wait until July or possibly even later to get their hands on a Galaxy Fold. 

Previous reports indicated that Samsung would be making changes to the phone’s hinge design so that it would no longer be at risk of trapping dust or debris.

The firm may also extend the protective layer on the device’s screen to fill the entire surface area, instead of leaving room for a small bezel, so that the film no longer curls up or can be removed by users.  

‘We will take measures to strengthen the display protection,’ the spokesperson told CNET. 

‘We will also enhance the guidance on care and use fo the display including the protective layer so that our customers get the most out of their Galaxy Fold.’ 

Samsung was forced to go back to the drawing board in late April after early reviews of the Fold reported issues with the screen and hinge. 

Journalists who received review units ahead of the Fold launch reported experiencing issues with the interior screen.  

After just one or two days of use, users said the display began to flicker and turn black before becoming completely unusable.  

The issues are believed to stem from the hinge causing too much pressure on the screen. 

Additionally, a 7mm gap between where the two display halves meet invites dust, dirt and other damaging particles to get trapped underneath the display. 

Some said they had removed a protective layer on the screen that was supposed to stay on.

Meanwhile, others said they didn’t remove the protective film, but the device still stopped working. 


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