Sanders attacks Buttigieg for selling out to billionaires after near tie between the two in Iowa


Bernie Sanders bashed fellow Democratic primary candidate Pete Buttigieg during a speech in New Hampshire Friday morning, claiming his competitor is selling out to billionaire donors.

‘How do we feel when we have candidates in the Democratic Party right now – and I’m reading some headlines from newspapers about Pete Buttigieg. ‘Pete Buttigieg has most exclusive billionaire donors of any Democrat’ that was from Forbes,’ the candidate recited, using news reports to prove where Buttigieg’s campaign money comes from.

‘The Hill: ‘Pete Buttigieg tops billionaire donor list.’ Fortunate: ‘Pete Buttigieg takes lead as big business candidate in 2020 field.’ Washington Post: ‘Pete Butigieg lures even closer look from Wall Street Donors following strong Iowa caucus performance.’ Forbes Magazine: ‘Here are the billionaires backing Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign,’ the candidate continued.

‘I like Pete Buttigieg – nice guy. But we are in a moment where billionaires not only control our economy, but our political life,’ Sanders said while giving remarks at a coveted Politics & Eggs installment at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Sanders’ comments come as Iowa finally reported the final tally of its caucuses, which took place Monday night – and although a close race, Buttigieg emerged victorious by .1 percentage point.

With 100 per cent of precincts reporting finally in and counted, the Iowa Democratic Party revealed Thursday night that Buttigieg had edged out Sanders – 26.2 per cent to 26.1 per cent. 

This followed days of chaos after the app intended to be used by Iowa precincts to report results crashed, and the IDP had to result to paper reporting and manual tabulations, which delayed the results from Monday night to Thursday night. 

While entering Saint Anselm’s campus, a few dozen students braved the snow and and rain and helped each other hold up massive primary signs. 

And even though Sanders was the featured speaker Thursday morning, only two candidates were being promoted by the college-aged individuals: Buttigieg and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. 

Sanders, a Vermont senator used his speech while visiting his home state’s neighbor to bash his current No. 1 competitor following the first-in-the-nation caucuses.

Sanders has proudly boasted that his campaign doesn’t take money from big money donors and is solely grassroots funded.

‘I am most proud that at this particular moment in the campaign we have received more campaign contributions – over 6 million contributions – from more people – over 1.5 million people – averaging $18 a piece – more than any candidate in the history of American politics,’ Sanders flaunted to the intimate room of about 200 supporters and voters.

The progressive candidate, who will appear on stage Friday night as part of the eighth Democratic primary debate, said this proves that his campaign only exists because of working class families.

Politics & Eggs is an installment at Saint Anselm College’s Institute of Politics, where primary candidates give remarks and have breakfast with voters in New Hampshire, the first primary election state.

Sanders use his 15-minute remarks to deliver a greatest-hits speech – mentioning how he plans to raise the minimum wage, create a universal healthcare system and increase taxes on the wealthy if he were to become president.

In another hit to the top earners in America, Sanders used his time on stage to talk about billionaire Mike Bloomberg – a latecomer to the primary race who has quickly risen the ranks.

Bloomberg is the former mayor of New York City, and since entering the race in November has spent more than any other candidate on advertising to increase his name recognition and spread his message.

He even spent $10 million in a Super Bowl ad that boasted the strides he made toward fighting gun violence and leading the charge on implementing more gun control provisions.

‘I mean you talk about money in politics, we’ve got a former mayor of New York City – who has a record, every reason in the world – he’s entitled to run for president. No problem with that. Smart guy. But he is spending hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars to buy the election,’ Sanders charged of the former Republican.

‘There is something wrong with that,’ he continued. ‘There’s a candidate – let him run, everybody. Want to run for president, run for president. How do we feel about living in a so-called democracy when a billionaire –multi-billionaire, $55 billion – can spend unlimited sums of money?’

But the Democratic socialist candidate also admitted he doesn’t have all the answers, and that every solution needs to be discussion.

‘Nobody has all of the answers, but that’s basically the issue,’ he conceded. ‘Whose side are you on? Do you think if you’re collecting money from dozens and dozens of billionaires, you’re going to stand up to drug companies? And you’re going to throw their CEOs in jail if they have acted criminally?’

‘You think that’s going to happen?’ he questioned, taking a hit at candidates who accept campaign donations from big-money.  

Seven candidates will take the debate stage at Saint Anselm College Thursday night for the eighth Democratic primary debate of the 2020 campaign.

Buttigieg and Sanders will be on the stage.

The five other candidates include: Warren, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang, Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and billionaire Tom Steyer.

The debate will take place just four days before the Democrats will hold the first primary elections in New Hampshire Tuesday. 


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