Shocking moment a base jumper snaps his leg after his parachute drags him into a cliff


Shocking footage shows the moment a base jumper snaps his leg after his parachute twists and he is dragged into the side of a cliff.

Frenchman Mahieu Maurice was taking part in the sport’s world championships in Malaga, Spain, on Saturday.

The clip shows him jump off the rock face and deploy his parachute, which gets twisted and turns him back to face the cliff.

The move sends him smashing into the side of the rocky wall and spectators can be heard shouting ‘no, no, f***’.

Mr Maurice had tried to put his right leg out to soften his impact, but it took the brunt of the pressure and fractured.

He then spirals down the side of the hill as he tries to correct the parachute and curves around a thicket of trees as he flies towards a cheering crowd.

But as he comes into land, the clip shows his right leg bent and he hits the ground hard – letting out a huge cry of pain.

It came during the second round of the Base Jump Extreme World Championships, reports suggest.

He was immediately treated by medics on the scene and was later rushed to the Serrania Hospital in nearby Ronda.

Doctors told him they had to operate on him due to the open fracture which had cut off an artery and the blood supply to his right foot.

Surgery went well, according to local reports, and Mr Maurice was recovering in hospital and set to be released within the week.

Spanish jumper Eder Navacerrada went on to win the competition on Sunday after making a perfect jump.


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