Shocking moment granny rolls up in her mobility scooter to break up a brawl between three women


A group of women were caught on video fighting outside a California water park just moments before an aggravated granny rolled up in her mobility scooter to break up the brawl.

It’s probably one of the more unusual ways to break up a fight, but it worked nonetheless. 

In the footage, five people were seen throwing punches outside the Raging Waters Sacramento water park located at on the Cal Expo grounds.

The clip then cuts to two women attacking a third woman as bystanders scream ‘f**k that b**ch up’.

A baby is heard crying in the background just moments before a grandmother decides to take matters into her own hands.  

The granny is then seen plowing into one of the women who had double-teamed her relative.  

It’s unclear if anyone was charged over the incident 

No details were available about what led up to the brawl. 

The video has been viewed more than 690,000 times since it was posted to Instagram on Sunday.  


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