Space Force personnel will NOT be called spacemen


Members of the newly established Space Force will not be referred to as ‘spacemen’, according to a top general of the service. 

The Space Force is being formed from the currently existing US Air Force, to create the sixth branch of the armed forces. It was signed into existence by Donald Trump on December 20, 2019. 

According to the Vice Commander of the United States Space Force Lt. Gen. David Thompson, a decision on the title of Space Force personnel is still in the works. 

Speaking on Wednesday, Lt. Thompson asserted that they will not be called ‘spacemen’. 

Military leaders have been conducting research on what to call their troops as well as crowdsourcing ideas, according to the Military Times. 

Of the plan to transfer Air Force personnel, Lt. Thompson said: ‘We need to go through a process with Congress to provide authorization for specific individuals to transfer.’

The airmen will be brought over first, before the integration of soldiers, sailors and Marines from their respective space units. 

The 2020 National Defense Authorization Act essentially rebranded the US Air Force Space Command, which initially debuted in 1982, to create the new Space Force branch.

The 16,000 active duty airmen and civilians who served in the Air Force Space Command up until the moment the bill was signed, became part of the newly-minted Space Force.

Aside from splintering off personnel to the Space Force, the Air Force is expected to rename some of its ‘principal’ bases – which already house Air Force Space Command units – as ‘Space Bases.’

Last month, the US Space Force debuted its new uniform and service nametape. Despite its celestial nature of the command, Space Force appears to be using a traditional earth-tone camo pattern for its daily-use, utility uniform.



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