SUV driver builds bizarre DIY security system using a metal pole and cable ties 


An SUV owner has left fellow motorists stunned after going to great lengths to protect their car with an unconventional safety system.

The footage was recorded by a bemused onlooker in Kalihi, Hawaii, in January.

It shows the vehicle having been secured with a seemingly impractical system involving a metal pole, magnetic mats and cable ties to ward-off prospective thieves.

In the video, a silver SUV can be seen parked in a bay outside what appears to be an apartment complex. 

It soon becomes clear that its owner has gone to great lengths to protect it with the elaborate security system. 

It appears that they have stuck a magnetic mat to the side of the car, just above the wheel arch, to hold a metal pole in place. 

They have then added a purple cable tie to each of the door handles which have secured the pipe further. 

The DIY system means that neither of the doors can be opened without taking the time to dismantle the obstructions. 

The man behind the camera can be heard mocking the installation and says: ‘Safety first – a pipe zip-tied to the door handles.’

He continues to zoom in and out on the unique security features and the video ends a short time later.   

Speaking afterwards about the bizarre sight, the cameraman said: ‘In Kalihi, a town on the island of Hawaii, there was an SUV that pulled next to me in the parking lot. 

‘He got out and grabbed what looked to be a pipe, zip ties and magnetic mats. 

‘He then proceeded to put the mats and pipe on the doors and then zip-tied them on to the door handles then walked away.’ 


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