Terrified biker drives the wrong way down a motorway to escape robbers after they ‘shot at him’


A terrified man made the split second decision to turn his bike around in the middle of a motorway after two people ‘shot at him’ in an attempted robbery.

Eduardo Pimenta, 56, was driving on the Fernão Dias Highway towards Atibaia in São Paulo, Brazil, when he was accosted by the men on another motorcycle.

During the incident last Sunday the retiree risked going against the flow of traffic on the wrong side of the road, coming perilously close to lorries and cars, to escape.

He told Globo G1: ‘I knew that if I stopped I would die. They shot and then it was a matter of survival’.

Shocking footage recorded on Mr Pimenta’s helmet camera shows him first driving calmly down the motorway and only being overtaken by one other vehicle.

However after going steady for some time, another motorbike comes into view with two men on the back.

The man driving gestures at Mr Pimenta as he moves the bike from the far left-hand lane into the centre, in an apparent attempt to block the way. 

Mr Pimenta, who has been reducing speed, then looks over his shoulder before turning around and driving the wrong way up the motorway.

He quickly gains speed as he flies up the lane, sticking close to the barrier, and goes past numerous cars as well as two HGV lorries in the nearest lane.

Throughout the incident he manages to keep control of the bike and continues for several minutes until he rejoins traffic going in the correct direction.

At some points of the nail-biting journey Mr Pimenta was travelling at speeds of more than 150km an hour and drove for about two kilometers against the road.

After the attempted robbery Mr Pimenta said he tried to report it to police, but was unable to log the incident online.

The São Paulo Secretariat said that without a report Civil Police cannot investigate the case, reports Globo.


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