Terrified canteen workers use a fire extinguisher to ward off huge hungry bear


This is the moment a wild brown bear got an unpleasant surprise when he tried to get inside a workers’ canteen.

Attracted by the smell of cooking, the beast invited himself to lunch and attempted to climb through a window at the remote industrial facility in the Kamchatka region of eastern Russia.

Industrial shift workers and canteen staff screamed and banged cutlery to try and scare the bear away to no avail.

It was only when one sprayed the half-ton wild bear in the face with a fire extinguisher that it was persuaded to leave.

The bear had been unmoved and intent on climbing inside for a meal despite the noise, posing a major threat to the lives of those in the canteen.

An alarmed onlooker is heard on the video saying: ‘Damn, he’s breaking in there.’ 

The video, filmed from a nearby building, shows the predator’s reaction as the fire extinguisher is unleashed. 

The beast jumps back in shock, then turns and stares with a bewildered look, foam from the extinguisher visible on his face.

But the beast withdraws and does not approach again.

‘He’s totally brazen,’ says one man.

A woman complained: ‘They are getting more impudent.’

But a man heard on the video blames workers at the facility.

‘You leave food out for them so they come,’ he said.



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