Terrifying moment bus carrying University of Alabama fraternity bursts into flames as students flee


A bus that was carrying students from the University of Alabama caught fire and later exploded while travelling through Mississippi on Sunday afternoon.

The bus was taking members of the Sigma Chi fraternity from a function in New Orleans back to Tuscaloosa. 

But after hitting an object in the road, the bus caught on fire just off Interstate 59, about 10 miles north of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 

Dramatic video shows the bus pulled up at the side of the road with fire spreading from the back, and students walking away with their belongings.

In the footage, one person can be heard shouting ‘Get off the bus!’ as flames consume the vehicle, shortly before an explosion.  

First responders said that the bus ran over an object in the road, causing the fire to break out, although how exactly is not clear.

The bus driver then pulled over to the side of the road and opened up the luggage compartment to allow people to grab their things.

Video shows bags and various other items strewn along the grass shoulder after students hastily retrieved their belongings.  

Luckily, the driver of the bus managed to ensure everyone was evacuated before the bus became engulfed and no injuries were reported. 

The Moselle Fire Department worked to put the fire out alongside the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

But by the time the flames were extinguished, only a burned out shell remained.

The University of Alabama released a statement regarding the fire on Tuesday:

‘A private bus chartered by the University of Alabama Sigma Chi fraternity chapter returning from an event in New Orleans caught fire Sunday afternoon in Moselle, Mississippi. Everyone on board evacuated safely, and there were no injuries. The fraternity contracts with a third-party vendor to book trips and transportation. The bus was chartered through that company. Alternate transportation was arranged, and everyone returned safely to Tuscaloosa as scheduled. ‘


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