Texas mother arrested after allegedly abandoning her ten-year-old son for dropping food in her car


A mother has been arrested for abandoning her ten-year-old son at a ‘busy intersection’ in 100 degree heat after he accidentally dropped food in her car.

Kesa Brown, 44, has since been charged with a Child Endangerment offence and jailed by Harris County Constable Precinct 4, in Houston, Texas.

Officers responded to a concerned call from a member of the public, who spotted the ten-year-old boy walking alone under an overpass during a period of ‘heavy traffic.’

They found the juvenile at a nearby gas station, near to the intersection at North Sam Houston Parkway and Veterans Memorial drive. 

The boy told Constable Deputies that his mother ‘made him get of of the vehicle after he accidentally dropped food.’

The ten-year-old explained that his mother driven off and ‘left the location leaving him alone on the roadway,’ according to a statement from Office Constable Mark Herman.

His mother, Brown, was identified and located an hour later by police.

She claims that she didn’t contact law enforcement about the incident because her Texas Driver’s License was invalid. 

The force has since been in touch with Child Protective Services and the boy has been released to a guardian.

Further information revealed that Brown is out on bond from a previous case involving her son.   

On social media, Facebook users confronted the mother, describing her as a ‘piece of trash.’

One user, Diana Jobe-Hicks, wrote: ‘What mother does this? How do you call yourself a mother? You have something wrong in your head. Please for the love of God don’t have anymore children, you don’t deserve to be a mother.’

Another, Shunni Harris posted: ‘Why would you let your son walk home in 100 degree weather?? So f*** his life huh.. I hope u never get him back.’

Brown has been booked into Harris County Jail and charged with Child Endangerment. Her bond was set to $15,000. 


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