Two boys, 11, are catapulted over a 10ft wall when their trampoline is flipped over in strong winds


A fun afternoon turned into a terrifying one for two 11-year-old Arizona boys, when a gust of wind blew the trampoline they were playing on over a wall and into the street. 

Gavin Reynolds and Rhode Hill, both 11, of Tempe, Arizona, were jumping on a trampoline in Gavin’s backyard on Memorial Day at about noon when a gust of wind blew the trampoline — with the boys on it — over a 10-foot-wall. 

‘We saw it tilting, like a lot, and were like, “Wow, holy crap, that’s really tilting,” and then out of nowhere the gust of wind just comes at us,’ Gavin told News 12 of the incident which was caught on camera. 

In the shocking surveillance footage, the boys appear to be horsing around on the trampoline in the far right corner of the yard as patio chairs rock in the wind. 

Despite the wind, the boys don’t seem to have any difficulty standing upright on the trampoline. 

But, within seconds, things go terribly wrong as a gust lifts the side of the trampoline into the air, pitching it and the boys up and over the nearby wall. 

The boys and the trampoline landed in the street.  

Gavin ran back to his home to alert his father, Ryan Reynolds, about what happened.  

Video shows two kids getting injured after backyard trampoline goes airborne. @GioBenitez has the story and how you can prevent this from happening.

‘I remember making sure Rhode was OK and thinking in my head that I had to get up and get my dad,’ Gavin told 12 News. 

‘I thought that I was going to die,’ Rhode told the news station. 

Video from the front entrance of Gavin’s home shows him gingerly walking to the door, calling for his dad. 

Rhode wound up with a fractured elbow and an injury to his pelvis. Gavin, meanwhile, suffered bruises and back pain, according to GMA.  

Ryan, who said he’s owned a trampoline for most of his life, said that this was the first time he’d ever had one blow over the way this one did. 

‘Big lesson here, just tie down your trampoline,’ Ryan said. ‘You never know what could happen.’


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