Weinstein lawyer: ‘I’ve never put myself in position to be assaulted’


Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer has said she has never been assaulted because she would never ‘put herself in that position’. 

In an interview with one of the New York Times journalists who first exposed the allegations against Weinstein, lawyer Donna Rotunno was asked – after talking about how women need to take equal ‘responsibility and risk’ as men – if she had ever been sexually assaulted.  

‘I have not, I have not. Because I would never put myself in that position,’ she said. 

Interviewer Megan Twohey was stunned by her response and asked her to elaborate. 

She carried on: ‘I’ve always made choices from college age on where I never drank too much, I never went home with someone I didn’t know. I just never put myself in any vulnerable circumstance ever.’

Twohey then asked if she believed all victims of sexual assault had put themselves in a vulnerable position, to which Rotunno replied: ‘Absolutely not.

‘But just as we make smart decisions when we walk out on the street at night, I think you have to make the same decisions when you’re putting yourself in circumstances with other people.’ 

Earlier, Rotunno said the women accusing Weinstein of sexual assault have to take ‘responsibility for their choices’. 

She also shot down the notion that they felt intimidated and scared to speak out after the alleged attacks because they feared the professional ramifications. 

‘The notion he could hurt them is absolutely ridiculous. Harvey is one of any powerful people. If Harvey Weinstein called one of the other people in the industry and said, ‘don’t use actress A,’ they would have wanted to use actress A 10 times more.

‘These are still choices women are making and whether it’s a choice you’re happy you made or not happy you made, you still made a choice.

‘Women have to start owning those choices and they’re either going to say, ‘I’m not going to do these things to attempt to get a job,’ or ‘I’m going to own my choice for making that decision.

‘If I was a man in today’s world, before I was engaging in sexual behavior with any woman, today, I would ask them to sign a consent form. I’m being dead serious.

‘Why not? Take all of the question out of it. Make it easier on everybody,’ she said. 



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