Wheel Of Fortune contestant guesses the correct answer to a puzzle with only FOUR letters


A Wheel of Fortune contestant completely stunned fans and host Pat Sajak by correctly answering a bonus round question with only four of 13 letters.  

Jessie Rebhan of Palmetto Bay, Florida, was competing in Thursday night’s Big Money in the Bonus Round when she found herself with less than half the needed letters to solve the three-word puzzle.  

With Sajak announcing the category as ‘What are you doing?’, Rebhan added the letters P, C, D, O to the already provided R, S, T, L, N, E. 

This created the head-scratching puzzle _ _ _ _ N_ / _ / _ _ _CER. 

And just 10 seconds remained on the clock. 

‘It looks daunting to me, but you know, you have ten seconds…Good luck,’ Sajak said. 

Immediately, Rebhan is on the right track as she assumes that last word in the puzzle is ‘Juicer.’ 

Just six seconds later, Rebhan zeroes in on the answer and correctly says the phrase, ‘Buying a Juicer.’

Hostess Vana White claps her hands in shock as the audience gasps, then cheers on Rebhan for the clever solve.

Sajak throws his arms up in disbelief, before admitting the Rebhan’s victory was mind blowing.  

‘Of course, it’s an easy puzzle,’ Sajak said sarcastically.  ‘I don’t understand this game! It makes no [sense].’

In the end, Rebhan added $37,000 to her total winnings and walked away with a $52,328 prize. 

Wheel of Fortune fans were also surprised, with several of them taking to Twitter to share their astonishment. 

‘How the heck did she get that? Buying a juicer… wow impressed,’ one woman wrote. 

Another Twitter user said: ‘Not sure how Jessie did that on Wheel Of Fortune. But easy one of the best solves I’ve ever seen.’

‘Wow!’ one man said. ‘”Buying a juicer” was a fantastic solve in the bonus round!’

Wheel of Fortune chimed in as well by teasing Rebhan about the incredible moment.

‘Imagine all the fresh [fruit] Jessie can juice after winning Big Money in the Bonus Round,’ they wrote. 

One fan was so impressed by Rebhan’s ‘unreal’ save that he said ‘Buying a Juicer’ should be trending on Twitter. 

He said: ‘Just finished watching Wheel of Fortune. Pat Sajak, I’m guessing you’d agree that #buyingajuicer needs to start trending on Twitter. That was unreal!’  

A man sympathized with Sajak’s amazement, saying he doesn’t understand Wheel of Fortune either. 

He said: ‘Pat Sajak(wheel of fortune‘a host 30+ years): I don’t understand this game. Me: same.’

While most fans congratulated Rebhan, others were much more concerned that her husband’s name is Gator. 

‘I desperately want to know if the lady on wheel of fortunes husband is for real named gator or if its a nickname or is that just a name in Florida?’ one man said.

One woman called the name ‘extraordinary.’

She said: ‘The lady on wheel of fortune has a husband named gator and I think that’s extraordinary.’

One observant fan noticed that Gator was wearing an IZOD polo, which are embellished with a alligator logo.  

Watching Wheel of Fortune and the contestant introduces her husband named Gator. He is wearing a IZOD shirt. How many adults wear a shirt with their name on it?’ they asked.

This isn’t the first time a Wheel of Fortune contestant has pulled off a lucky save. 

One of the game show’s biggest moments was when a contestant solved the phrase ‘I’ve got a good feeling about this’ with just a single letter in 2010.  


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