Why electric cars are not as green as they seem


Electric cars produce toxic emissions that are contributing to Britain’s air pollution problem, experts have warned.

Microscopic particles that pollute the air are produced by all vehicles – even ‘zero emission’ electric cars, which are marketed on their green credentials. 

Air pollution is linked to the early deaths of nearly 64,000 people a year in the UK.

Diesel cars have been blamed for producing most of the tiny particles and nitrogen oxides that damage human health. 

But scientists say that petrol, hybrid and electric vehicles are also to blame because many of these particles come from the plastics in modern tyres and brakes that are thrown into the air as they are worn away.

The findings, to be revealed in Channel 4’s Dispatches programme at 8pm this evening, came from an experiment conducted by scientists from King’s College London. 

They measured the exposure to air pollution of more than 50 pupils from a north London primary school, and found that on their journey to school nitrogen dioxide was 53 per cent higher than the legal limit. 

But plastic pollution from tyres and brakes was also a big issue.



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