Wisconsin teacher is placed on leave for saying Rush Limbaugh’s cancer is ‘awesome’


A Wisconsin teacher has been placed on leave for reportedly calling Rush Limbaugh’s cancer ‘awesome’ in a tweet.

Travis Sarandos, who teaches English at Milwaukee High School of the Arts, shared his thoughts about Limbaugh’s cancer diagnosis on Twitter. 

Though his Twitter account has since been deleted, according to USA Today, Sarandos wrote: ‘Limbaugh absolutely should have to suffer from cancer. it’s awesome that he’s dying, and hopefully it is as quick as it is painful.’

His comment drew even more attention when it was published in conservative radio host Mark Belling’s blog. 

When Milwaukee Public Schools were made aware of the tweet, the district confirmed that Sarandos was placed on leave pending an investigation. 

Limbaugh, who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday during President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, announced that he had cancer earlier this week. 

The radio host told listeners on Monday that he had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

He has been a nemesis of the American left since the launch of his pioneering show in 1985 during the Republican revolution of President Ronald Reagan. 


For years Limbaugh has helped to shape the party’s agenda in the media.

Much of Limbaugh’s appeal has been ascribed to his brash, colorful style and his delight in baiting liberals. 

Addressing an emotional Limbaugh, who was sitting next to first lady Melania Trump in the House of Representatives chamber, Trump said he was awarding the presidential Medal of Freedom ‘in recognition of all you have done for our nation’.

Some Democratic lawmakers were heard groaning ‘oh no’ in response to the award for Limbaugh, a leading voice of the political right who for decades has been at the center of the country’s culture wars. 

The Republican president did not wait to place the medal himself around Limbaugh’s neck, part of a White House tradition, and instead had Melania do the honors while Republican lawmakers applauded and cheered.

Though Sarandos was placed on leave for expressing himself on social media, he wasn’t the only person who shared their thoughts about the host’s diagnosis.

Several people took to social media to share their delight that the ‘racist’ and ‘hateful’ man could soon die.  

Film producer Tariq Nasheed tweeted: ‘Rush Limbaugh has spend decades spewing dangerous anti-Black racism. Now he has cancer… I know we shouldn’t celebrate one’s misfortunes… but #PartyOverHere.’ 

Comedian Johnny McNulty tweeted: ‘It’s not cool to joke about Rush Limbaugh having cancer. You might jinx it.’ 

Writer Jon Tayler said: ‘Rush Limbaugh is, without a doubt, one of the most hateful, awful people of the last century, and one who had one of the most negative impacts possible on this country. It’s only fitting that this cancer upon the world should be stricken by it.

He added: ‘If this kills Rush, then give him a state funeral so that every willing American can have a chance to pay their respects by kicking his corpse as hard as they can.’


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