Woman, 62, found dead in a dumpster is suspected to have been killed by one of her roommates


A woman has been found dead in a dumpster close to the trailer park where she lived after locals reported seeing a man dragging a body towards the garbage bins earlier this week.

Police were called to the scene and found the woman’s body had been buried underneath trash and placed into a bin in El Monte, near Los Angeles. 

The woman, 62-year-old Florinda Velasquez Fernandez, was pronounced dead at the scene however her exact cause of death remains a mystery. 

David Lemus-Orellana, 22, was charged with murder on Thursday afternoon in connection with Fernandez’s death.

Bail was set at $2 million and he faces 25 years to life in state prison. 

El Monte police officers found the victim around 10:30am on Tuesday just around the time twice-weekly garbage collections are being made.

The person who originally called police say they saw a man dragging a woman’s body from the trailer park out onto the street, according Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lt. Brandon Dean.       

Fernandez was renting a room at a four-bedroom unit in the mobile home park and she was known to be sharing the property with three other roommates; two brothers and an older man.

Her family suspect one of those men is responsible for her death.

During her stay, her family say one of the men was ‘mean to her’ and was ‘involved with narcotics’. 

Police are now looking for evidence that will provide them with some clues as to what exactly happened. 

A neighbor at the trailer park shared footage with police they believe shows Fernandez’s killer pushing a large blue tub out to a dumpster, according to KTLA.

The footage was shot on Tuesday morning – just before when the trash is normally collected. 

Deputies beat the trash collectors to the scene and blocked off the streets around the trailer park before searching three large trash bins that were close to the area. 

Detectives have interviewed a number of witnesses while a suspect has also been detained for questioning.

Lt. Dean has not said whether the person they have in custody knew Fernandez or even lives at the park. 

Fernandez is survived by two daughters and several grandchildren.


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