Woman has cartilage from her RIBS grafted into her nose to repair damage left by a nose job at 13


A woman had to have a drastic nose job using cartilage from her ribcage to repair damage left by an operation she had when she was just 13 years old.

Megan, whose surname and age aren’t known, had a nose job while she was still in school after her mother agreed to pay for it because her daughter was bullied.   

But the two operations went catastrophically wrong, leaving her with a misshapen, bumpy nose for decades.

Now an adult and living in Sarasota, Florida, Megan flew to Los Angeles to see Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow, who star in the TV show Botched, to see if her nose could be saved.

They told her the first surgeon removed too much cartilage from her nose, leaving it thin and weak.

Dr Nassif said her nose was ‘so risky’ to operate on because it was ‘falling apart’ but he agreed to take on the challenge.

On the E! programme, Megan said she had been constantly teased as teenager so her mother agreed she could have plastic surgery, but the first one wasn’t a success. 

A few years later, while she was still in high school, Megan went back to the same plastic surgeon for a second surgery.

Again, she was unhappy with the result, but she lived for decades with the results of the operation.

Her nose had been left crooked, bumpy and dangerously weak after the first surgeon stripped out too much of the cartilage.

Appearing in the Botched consulting room, Megan had her nose examined by Dr Nassif and Dr Dubrow, who then agreed to operate again to repair it. 

They took cartilage from Megan’s ribcage and used it to rebuild the bridge of her nose, making her nose strong and straight again.

Megan admitted to being impatient and thinking her nose was still too large at her first post-op checkup.

She admitted: ‘I’m not a patient patient!’ as the doctors told her that the swelling would go down. 

But several weeks later a delighted Megan revealed her new nose to husband Nick and other family and friends.

She said: ‘I love it! It looks so smooth and straight. Now I’m getting all the attention instead of my hot husband!’


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