Woman tases her husband after she went to a nightclub and found him with his girlfriend


A woman from Texas has been charged with tasing her husband after she found him in a nightclub with another woman.

Irlanda Parra, 24, from Wichita Falls, was charged with assault family violence. 

The assault is alleged to have happened just after 2am on Sunday after she went out looking for him and eventually found him with his girlfriend.   

Her husband who was allegedly attacked by a Taser on his hand, ended up calling the police.

The alleged assault happened at Jefe’s restaurant which turns into a nightclub on weekends according to KFDX.

Upon calling the cops, he explained that Parra was his child’s mother and that she was in the parking lot armed with a Taser.

By the time police arrived, they found several people arguing and Parra was trying to take off in a gold car. 

Police ended up stopping her car whereupon she told officers that she simply had come by to pick up her husband but that his girlfriend had tried to attack her. 

Parra said she had pulled out a Taser in self-defense and pointed it at the entire group including the girlfriend.   

Officers said Parra later changed her story, and said a friend had called her to say her husband was at the club and that she went down there to confront him. 

Just as she arrived on the premises, she found her husband attempting to leave the venue with his girlfriend. Parra went and and blocked his car from leaving.  

Officers said the husband claimed that after a confrontation, Parra tried to tase him and his girlfriend.

The story was reportedly corroborated by other witnesses who were present and allegedly saw Parra attempting to tase several people in the parking lot.

Her husband said another person eventually managed to get the Taser off Parra and the device was later picked up by police.

Last October, Parra was granted a protective order from her husband who had allegedly begun harassing and threatening her over child support.

She claims his behavior had become violent and he would regularly visit her home to threaten her after spending the evening in bars. 

Parra explained how her husband would head to bars every weekend and get drunk before coming to her house to threaten her. 

She said on one instance, he broke the windows of  her car with a baseball bat.


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