Worker returns from a night shift to find 6ft long alligator blocking the doorway


A Florida man returned from work to find a six-foot long alligator waiting on his doorstep. 

Michael Prestridge had just finished his 10-hour night shift at the Amazon Fulfillment Center on June 1 , when he saw the predator blocking the entrance to his Middleburg home.   

‘When you get home from a 10 hour overnight shift at 6am to find THIS sitting on your doorstep,’ he wrote, alongside the hashtags #floridalife and #floridapets. 

When you get home from a 10 hour overnight shift at 6am to find THIS sitting on your doorstep. #floridalife. #floridapets

After one person commented on Michael’s post and asked what he did, Michael replied: ‘Ran!! Then, after a short period of cursing and laughing, I called the cops to get a trapper out here and remove him.’ 

He also responded to another Facebook friend, saying: ‘When I was about 8 feet away from him, and he was hissing mad, I wasn’t about to stand around and wait to see what he did.’  

Michael also called his brother Rick 

‘I thought it would be smaller and thinner than what he was saying but..nope! 6-7 feet, fat and heavy!!’ Fox 35 quotes Rick as saying. 

‘If it wasn’t for his funny story about running, I’d probably still be asleep lol.’ 

It is currently alligator mating season, so the beasts are out in force search of potential partners. 

The season begins in early April, with at least a month of courtship, before the mating phase follows in May or June.

Last week an alligator measuring 11 feet broke into the home of a resident of Clearwater, Florida on Thursday night through a low window in their kitchen.

Clearwater Police Department posted photos of the alligator inside the resident’s kitchen, along with a smashed window that the animal broke through to get in.

Posting the photos to Twitter, the police department said: ‘See you later, alligator. A scaly 11-foot-long gator broke into a Clearwater home overnight through some low windows in their kitchen.

Alligator attacks on humans are rare, and you can usually stay safe by keeping far away from them and ensuring your dogs are on a leash. 


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